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The New Face of Prostitution in Bangalore :
It's Safer Than You Think

One of the most common questions that I get asked as someone who has written extensively about the safety of prostitution in Bangalore, is whether it’s still safe to find prostitutes in Bangalore today.

The answer to this question, based on my research and experience, is an unequivocal yes! Prostitution in Bangalore, especially when compared to other cities like Mumbai and Delhi, has become extremely safe over the last few years (at least in the areas I’ve been).

Prostitution in Bangalore has taken a new turn, with more and more all girls coming out of the shadows to practice their trade.

Prostitutaion in Bangalore? Is it Safe!

When it comes to Bangalore prostitutes, many people think about unhygienic sexual encounters with shady individuals and unsafe surroundings. These concerns are sometimes warranted, but not all sex workers operate from seedy brothels or unsafe streets.

In fact, there are several reasons why hiring a prostitute can be safer than hiring a local girl off Tinder or sleeping with your girlfriend.

The first benefit to hiring a prostitutes in Bangalore is that you have absolute control over who you’re sleeping with.

Benifits of hiring prostitutes in Bangalore,

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What is it like to have a sexual night with a prostitute?

Well, depending on how they see you or treat you, it can be everything from just a few minutes of dirty action to a complete night like no other. Once you're done, they will leave and head off to their next client. Once you pay them that is.

Most prostitutes are independent escorts who work for themselves so they are free to set their own hours and prices.

Road side prostitutes & Reputed escort agency which one is best

Road side prostitution is just like a nasty habit. Try to avoid it as much as possible if you want to be safe. Never ever go for an unregistered service provider as they are unsafe. Always seek help from reputed and registered escort agencies like Elitecityescorts, they will give you correct details before hiring them which others can’t do, so always think on the safer side.

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